Stop Your Panics 03

Are Panic Attacks Killing Your Career?

One minute you’re on top of the world, and the next you’re shaking, scared, and gasping for air. Worse yet, this sends you into that endless cycle of shame and worry, then shame again. When did having success become paired with the constant fear that your next panic attack might get you a not-so-comfy stay in the E.R.?

Imagine this was not the case! In Stop Pressing Your Own Panic Button, Ramses Rodriguez uses a balance of his scientific background and his creative knowledge to show you how he managed to keep the career of his dreams… without the pesky fear of pressing his own panic button!

In Stop Pressing Your Own Panic Button, you’ll learn:

  • The surprising reasons why accomplishing your goals makes you panic
  • Why your mental health is an asset
  • The current science behind anxiety and panic attacks
  • Daily habits for managing anxiety and preventing panic before it can happen

How to make planning your next dose of anxiety meds a thing of the past

Join Ramses to explore how you, too, can conquer your panic attacks while pursuing your passion!

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